Natural Flooring

Make a statement with our extensive naturals collection. Established for over 25 years and trained by Alternative Flooring we bring extensive experience in the supply and installation of quality natural flooring into your home and business.

Choose from:

Sisal carpet is versatile, hardwearing and stylish. Farmed in Mexico, Brazil and East Africa, the pure white fibres known as sisal are extracted from the hand picked, dense leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant and is the most popular range of natural flooring.

Coir carpet is full of natural character. Made from the strong fibres of the coconut husk found in India. Coir is highly durable, the fibres are removed by hand, softened in the sea water before being woven into a variety of carpet designs.

Seagrass grows in the tropical climates of China and Vietnam, in coastal meadows on the banks of rivers. The crop is harvested by hand, dried and hand spun into cords before being woven into flooring.

Jute carpet is grown in Southern India and is hand harvested from the tiliaceae plant. The natural fibres are fine, making Jute soft underfoot and more suitable for relaxing rooms than heavily used areas.

Our natural floors will add that perfect finishing touch to your home and leave you in no doubt that Interior Flooring was the best choice you’ve ever made. 


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